Revell 04456 Agusta A-109 KM

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Størrelse311x183x46 mm
Maling15, 35, 65, 84, 89
Lagt til katalogen:22.1.2005

AgustaWestland AW109 (original designation: Agusta A109) is a modern, multi-role light helicopter, which has been de facto produced by the concern since 2016 Finmeccanica. The flight of the prototype took place in 1971, and the machine entered service in 1976. The helicopter - in the basic version - has a fuselage of 11.45 m, and the rotor diameter is 11 meters. The drive is provided by two Pratt and Whitney Canada PW206C engines with a power of 560 HP each. The helicopter has a classic layout with a single main rotor and a propeller on the tail boom.

Design work on the helicopter currently bearing the designation AW109 began in the late 1960s at the Italian aviation plant Agusta. Initially, it was intended to create a single-engine machine, but very quickly it was decided to use two engines. Initially, it was assumed that the machine would be dedicated primarily to the civilian market, but its military version was also created relatively quickly. When it was launched in the mid-1970s, the Agusta A109 turned out to be an almost market hit, competing very effectively with the Bell 206 machine. The AgustaWestland AW109 was produced in several versions, including: A109A EOA (the first military version produced for the Italian armed forces), A109C (civilian version with an enlarged passenger cabin), A109E Power (civilian version with a modified power unit) or A109KN (marine version). The AW109 helicopter has gained considerable popularity and in various versions has been or is still operated by countries such as: Argentina, Australia, Chile, Greece and Italy.

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Lagt til katalogen: 22.1.2005
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