FineMolds 15502 Deckel FP-1 Miling Machine

Deckel FP-1 Miling Machine - Image 1
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Produsent: FineMolds
Varekode: fin-15502
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The Deckel FP1 is a West German industrial milling machine that began to be produced on a large scale after the end of World War II. The units produced in the early 1960s had a 600 x 210 mm worktop that was tilted at 40 degrees. The taper speed range of the FP1 milling machine was from 60 to 1,900 revolutions per minute. Its manufacturer, on the other hand, was a company established in 1910 Friedrich Deckel AG based in Munich. The FP1 model turned out to be a great technical and sales success for the company. It was famous for its versatility, incredible for those times precision of processing and very high quality of workmanship. It is also worth remembering that the company offered a very wide range of accessories for FP1, and the design of the milling machine itself was "open", which greatly facilitated its adaptation to the specific needs of the end user. It also made it possible to use it to carry out many production tasks. The high quality of the FP1 model can be proved by the fact that it was still being modernized and improved at the turn of the 1980s and 1990s!

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Lagt til katalogen: 13.5.2019
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