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L'Arsenal 2.0 AC70074 Dodge WC 56 Command Car x 10

Dodge WC 56 Command Car x 10 - Image 1
Skala: 1:700
Produsent: L'Arsenal 2.0
Varekode: LAR-AC70074
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ProdusentL'Arsenal 2.0
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Lagt til katalogen:29.6.2022

The Dodge WC-56 / WC-57 (another designation: G502) is an American military truck from the World War II period. The first prototype examples of this vehicle appeared in 1940, and serial production was carried out in 1940-1945. Approximately 27,000 cars of this type were produced in its course. The drive was provided by a single engine Dodge T-214 with 92 hp.

The Dodge WC-56 / WC-57 was one of the vehicles belonging to the Dodge WC family of off-road vehicles and trucks. The WC-56 / WC-57 cars were characterized by the possibility of all-wheel drive. The Dodge WC-56 played a similar role in the US Army as the Willys Jeep - it was a light reconnaissance car and a staff car. However, it had worse off-road maneuverability than the Jeep and a larger silhouette, which negatively influenced its popularity among soldiers. Dodge WC-57 was identical to the WC-56, but it had a Braden MU2 winch mounted on the front bumper. The Dodge WC-56 / WC-57 was used extensively by the US military in 1941-1945, for example during the campaigns in Italy (1943-1945) and in Normandy (1944).

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Lagt til katalogen: 29.6.2022
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