Black Dog

Black Dog F35093 FN-FAL plus backpacks Falkland war

FN-FAL plus backpacks Falkland war - Image 1
Skala: 1:35
Produsent: Black Dog
Varekode: BLD-F35093
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ProdusentBlack Dog
Vekt:0.03 kg
Lagt til katalogen:17.11.2016
Tagger:British-Modern-Infantry FN-FAL-Battle-Rifle

FN FAL is an automatic rifle (Battle Rifle) made in Belgium, 7.62 mm caliber from the Cold War and modern times. The first copies of this weapon entered service in 1953 and are still in use today. In the FAL 50.00 version, the weight of the weapon is 4.25 kilograms, with a total length of 109 centimeters. The initial velocity of the projectile fired from this weapon is up to 800 m / s, and the theoretical rate of fire - up to 700 rounds per minute. The effective range of the gun fire is up to 600-650 meters. The presented automatic rifle was developed in Belgian plants Fabrique Nationale fusil automatique leger (abbreviated: FN FAL) shortly after the end of World War II. Work on the development of weapons continued in the years 1946-1952. Initially, an attempt was made to use an intermediate cartridge with the caliber of 7.92 mm, and later the caliber of 7.1 mm. Finally, around 1950, it was decided to use the caliber of 7.62 mm in connection with the standardization of the caliber of small arms introduced in NATO countries. Rifle The FN FAL very quickly became the basic armament of infantry soldiers in almost all NATO countries and was exported on a large scale to many countries around the world, including: Angola, Argentina, Ecuador, Cameroon and Pakistan. To date, it remains in service with many armies in the world.

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Lagt til katalogen: 17.11.2016
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