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Caesar Miniatures H014 Hebrew Warriors Infantry (Byblical Era)

Hebrew Warriors Infantry (Byblical Era) - Image 1
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Information about the warfare and military of the Hebrews during their settlement in what is now Israel and Palestine, but also during the reign of kings Saul, David and Solomon (from about 1040 BC to about 930 BC) is sparse and not very clear. With a fairly high degree of probability, it can be assumed that the core of the Israelite army during the reign of Saul, David and Solomon was infantry, probably appointed among free peasants and shepherds living in the country. It can be assumed that it was rather lightly armed and not well armed. The offensive weapons were probably spears, spears, swords, and almost certainly slingshots. Defensive weapons, being relatively expensive, were rather rare - except perhaps for helmets and shields made of wood and leather. It is also problematic to determine whether the armies of the kings of Israel used war chariots. Certainly, no cavalry was used. Based on the Old Testament accounts, but also on some steles (for example: the so-called Merneptah stela or the Tel Dan stele), it is very difficult to say anything about the tactics of the Hebrew troops at that time.

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Lagt til katalogen: 30.10.2009
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