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Mission Models MMA-003 Thinner / Airbrush Cleaner

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Produsent: Mission Models
Varekode: MIS-MMA-003
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ProdusentMission Models
Vekt:0.14 kg
Lagt til katalogen:23.8.2023

This high grade acrylic thinner is a very powerful formula. When mixing your paint we recommend a ratio of 20-30% to 1or in other words 2 to 3 drops to 10 drops of paint. Same ratio for this Primer. These are the ideal ratios for perfect results. Over thinning will cause more transparency in the paint. Once you mix paint to this recommended ratio you can then further mix to suit your needs. 

This thinner is also your airbrush cleaner. 



Q:  Will MMP thinner work with other brands? 

A:  Yes it will.  It will work in most all acrylic paints as will the MMP Poly Intermix. We have tested in most other popular brands however we cannot guarantee how it will work in all brands. Please proceed with caution and test before shooting your project. We cannot and will not take responsibility for modelers mistakes or user error. Always test on scrap first. 

A: NO it will not mix with enamels or Lacquers. DO NOT use alternative thinners. This includes Tamiya, Gunze, Vallejo, Future Floor Wax etc.  


A: Yes and No. You can thin MMP with water however it must be distilled. DO NOT use tap water. Tap water contains chemicals, minerals and rust that will affect your finish.  Because Mission Models thinner may work with other brands it does not mean that their thinners work with Mission Models acrylic paint. 

B: DO NOT ever thin with Glass Cleaner, wiper fluid, lighter fluid, alcohol, Lacquer thinner etc. You will destroy the paint by contamination, ruin your finish and the high performance properties of the paint.  This includes Windex which includes alcohol and ammonia. You will destroy the paint. This also includes during color changes.  Please clean your airbrush with water and follow up flush with our thinner. 

C: NO it will not mix with enamel or Lacquer thinners.  Oil and Water do not mix. 

D: Do NOT add future floor wax to the paint. Future is floor wax. This will destroy the performance and nature of the paint and the longevity. Future floor wax will yellow and crack over time. Liquid floor wax is not designed to be added to paint. It is not a paint thinner nor is it a hobby clear coat. 


A-1: MMP thinner is very powerful. Due to the nature of our paint formula only the smallest amount of thinner is needed (DROPS). If you over thin the paint, it will become less opaque than expected. The paint will be translucent and possibly bead or may lead to adhesion issues. Be sure to pay attention to your mixing ratios with both the thinner and Poly. Once you have that down and a solid feeling for how the paint mixes and sprays then feel free to experiment.  Once you have a feeling for the very easy nature of using and mixing the paint you can then begin to eyeball your ratios etc. Again do not mix 50/50 or 1:1 your mixture will be over thinned for proper general coverage. 

A-2  Although there is no harm in adding MMP Thinner / Reducer / Poly to any of our products, MMP Metallics for example are "thinner" than standard colors. You may find that you don't need to add any thinner or possibly just one or two drops. Yes you can add poly to metallics, however, build up in light airbrush passes. Don't rush. 


A: MMP Thinner is also your airbrush cleaner. Yes you can rinse your airbrush or paint brush with water and then follow up the final rinse and spray though with MMP Thinner. 

B: Yes you can soak your airbrush parts in MMP thinner without damage to chrome finish and rubber seals. 

C: DO NOT to use Glass cleaner, alcohol, alternative thinners , lacquer thinner , universal thinners etc to rinse your AB. Mixing oils and water when cleaning your airbrush will result in problems. It may flush it in cavity and bowl but will build up in the chamber and nozzle. This will then result in clogging and nightmare clean up repair. You may think the airbrush is clean but you have created a " gummed up concrete mess " deep with in the body and nozzle which will only get worse. 

D:  Note if you do use any alcohol or ammonia based cleaners it is a must that you flush the airbrush after with water. Any residue from the alcohol, lacquer thinner or ammonia in the ab will contaminate the paint at color change. Contamination will again destroy the paint and cause nightmares in the AB. We cannot take any responsibility for user error when cleaning. YES we consider this to be user error so please follow the guide lines. In addition by using cleaning solutions other than our recommended guide lines can cause performance problems with in the paint system.  Contaminated paint / primer can result in adhesions issues. This happens when residual lacquer thinner , alcohol , hardware store thinner residue resides in the chamber of the airbrush brush. The result is airbrush clogging, poor spray patterns, adhesion issues and more.  PLEASE clean your airbrush with water and follow up with a few drops of our MMA-002 or 003 thinner. The more you follow the cleaning guide lines the faster you can clean your airbrush with out the need to strip the brush.

E:  A Dirty airbrush will cause problems. If you did not clean properly and you have dried residue on the needle or nozzle the AB will clog. When fresh paint flows through the brush it will build up on the dried paint and clog.

F:   Always make sure your needle is straight and your nozzle in not damaged. A bent needle or nozzle will cause over spray guaranteed.  


MMP Thinner is a powerful acrylic non-solvent based reducer. Only the smallest amount of MMP thinner is needed when reducing MMP Paint and Primer. 

MMP Polyurethane Intermix is an acrylic non-solvent based paint additive. After reducing your paint with MMP Thinner add one or two drops of MMP Polyurethane. Less is more! MMP Poly will increase flow from the airbrush, slower drying times, added blending times for fine brush painting, durability and increased leveling properties. In addition you will find a durable finish with a slight eggshell finish which is perfect for washes eliminating the need for further clear coating. 

If you add too much Poly to your paint you will find that your paint will pull from the surface and away from raised details, beading etc... If by chance you add too much Poly be patient. It will dry and auto level. 

MMP Paint is very easy to use. We recommend thinning to the following ratio for the best performance. Below are some basic examples. For best performance please follow our carefully researched ratios.

DO NOT MIX 50/50. Our thinner is very powerful and only the smallest amount of thinner is needed. In the mixing cup your reduced paint will appear thicker than what you may be used to. This is normal. MMP paint will dry smooth, thin and level. It will not hide the finest of details. Mixed properly you will find a beautiful opaque finish which requires minimal coats.

Below is a sample mixing ratio:

20 to 30% MMP thinner to 2 parts paint (2 or 3 drops thinner to 20 drops paint plus 2 drops of Poly). Typically 1 part equals 10 drops. 

PSI: 10, 15, 20 depending on your needs.

TIP: add one or two drops of MMP Polyurethane Intermix for additional reduced tip dry when spraying straight from the bottle. MMP Poly increases flow, lowers drying times, added leveling, increased blending when brush painting, durability and adds a slight eggshell finish.

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