Unimodels 220 OT-133 Soviet flame-throwing tank

OT-133 Soviet flame-throwing tank - Image 1
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Produsent: Unimodels
Varekode: um220
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OT-133 was a Soviet tank - a mobile flamethrower from the interwar period and the beginning of World War II. The length of the wagon was 4.62 meters, with a hull width of 2.44 meters. The tank was powered by a single GAZ T-26 engine with a maximum power of 91 HP. The maximum speed on the road was up to 30 km / h. The OT-133 was the penultimate, and the third in turn, variant of the flamethrower tank based on the T-26 vehicle. In the case of the OT-133, the T-26 mod.1939 single-turret tank was used as the basis for its construction, and the Fabryka im. Voroshilov in what was then Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg). Compared to the mass-produced T-26 mod. In 1939, the OT-133 vehicle had several significant design changes. First of all, the vehicle turret has been moved more to the right, and the turret itself has also been modified. Inside, instead of a 45mm cannon, it housed the KS-25 flamethrower. Inside the car there were also two tanks with a capacity of 200 liters for the incendiary mixture. It is estimated that around 290 OT-133 vehicles were built in 1939-1940.

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Lagt til katalogen: 3.3.2006
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