WMC 033 Reynard 2KQ

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Skala: 1:25
Produsent: WMC
Varekode: WMC033
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Lagt til katalogen:9.2.2017
Tagger:Reynard-2KQ Reynard-Formula1

The Reynard 2KQ is a racing car, originally designed for the Renard Motosport team, but used by other teams between 2000 and 2004. The first prototypes of this car appeared in 1999. The car made its track debut during the Daytona 24 Hours race in the USA. Shortly thereafter, the car also competed in the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans. It is worth noting that the version of the car that took part in this race already had an improved rear spoiler, but despite this, it did not achieve much success. One of the biggest problems plaguing the vehicle was the improperly selected drive units, which made it very difficult for the car to be successful in its first races. When this problem was partially resolved in 2001, the Reynard 2KQ triumphed at Le Mans! It is worth adding that the car was initially used in the LMP900 class, but was quickly reclassified to the LMP675 class.

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Lagt til katalogen: 9.2.2017
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