Hasegawa BK03 Yamaha YZR500 (0W98) 1988 WGP500 Chanpionship

Yamaha YZR500 (0W98) 1988 WGP500 Chanpionship - Image 1
Skala: 1:12
Produsent: Hasegawa
Varekode: hasBK03
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The Yamaha YZR500 is a Japanese racing motorcycle that was first presented to the public in 1973. Mass production started at the same time and lasted until 2002, so the model was produced for almost 30 years. The YZR500 was designed and manufactured to replace the 500cc Honda YZ634A on the racetracks. In the course of production and with the passage of time, further development versions appeared, which mainly combined the use of a 500cc inline engine. Examples of Yamaha YZR500 models were motorcycles: the 1980 OW48 with an aluminum frame, the 1983 OW70 with a different frame and a 17-inch front wheel, and the 1988 OW-98 with a new shape of exhaust pipes and exhaust system. Riders on a Yamaha YZR500 motorcycle won the title of World Champions 10 times, including Giacomo Agostini in 1975 and Wayne Rainey in 1990, 1991 and 1992. The motorcycle also triumphed in the constructors' classification several times.

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Lagt til katalogen: 7.6.2018
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Skala: 1:12
Produsent: Hasegawa
Varekode: has21752
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