WMC 041 ZIL-133G

ZIL-133G - Image 1
Skala: 1:25
Produsent: WMC
Varekode: WMC041
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219.97 NOK eller 12000 poeng

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Vekt:0.21 kg
Lagt til katalogen:25.2.2019

The ZIL-133 is a truck made originally from the Soviet Union, and later from Russia. The production of these vehicles lasted from 1966 to 1999. The gross vehicle weight was up to 19,200 kilograms. The drive, depending on the version, was provided by a single 8-cylinder engine with a power of 179 HP to 210 HP. The ZIL-133 truck was developed as a development of the ZIL-130 car. The main changes compared to the original included the use of a three-axle chassis (instead of a two-axle one) and the introduction of engines with higher maximum power. However, most of the mechanical components have not changed. In the course of production, several versions of this otherwise solid and resistant to various operating conditions truck were created. The basic version is ZIL-133, produced in the years 1966-1975. In the period 1975-1978, the ZIL-133G1 version was produced, which was extended by one meter. In turn, in the years 1979-1992, the ZI£-133GJA version was produced, which was powered by the new KAMAZ engine with a capacity of up to 210 HP. The last version produced on a large scale was the ZIL-133G40 version.

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Lagt til katalogen: 25.2.2019
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